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Liz was looking for something. Kimberly paused a second to glance around. If the girl was searching for the knife, trying to rally for another attack, Kimberly was taking her arm out. After all, couldn't have any last-second, unexpected heroics getting in the way of things. She wasn't really expecting that, though. Besides, like she'd thought, the knife had fallen somewhere nice and far away, out of sight.

Turned out Liz wanted paper. Paper and a writing utensil. Okay, that was fine. Kimberly would let her grab 'em, communicate or show her magical escape plans or whatever the fuck she wanted to do. There was one little, tiny thing to take care of first, though, because no way in fuck was Kimberly gonna get taken out by the most obvious trick she could think of. After all, Liz had weaponized her very presence; there was a damn good chance she was gonna shove her plans at Kimberly and count on Danya to do the rest. Best to preempt that with a little aside.

Even as she read the words, noted the lack of an escape plan, Kimberly was talking off into the air.

"Don't go blowing me up. I'm not going to help her."

And then, the words clicked, and Kimberly smiled. Torture? It was... she wasn't gonna deceive herself on this: it held a certain appeal. It had been lurking in her mind for some time now. Her goal was to punish Liz, wasn't it? What better way than through pain? And yet, that question had an instant answer. Pain would be a stupid way to deal with this girl. Causing pain was something suited to punishing Kris, perhaps. Not Liz.

"Nah," Kimberly said, all nice and casual. "I figure it's probably not worth it. Whatever's fucked you up seems to have been more thorough than I could ever hope to be, and hurting you'd be kinda pointless anyways. By the time I cut off enough bits to stop you from messing around, you'd be dead."

See, Liz? I can be blunt and shocking too.

"I think we're gonna take a little walk, actually. Get the fuck up."

Yeah, she knew how to even the score now. Wouldn't be hard at all. Liz seemed more resigned than scared. That was bad. Fuck that. An unresponsive audience was one that would be unreceptive to the message she was trying to convey here. It was pretty damn important to Kimberly that Liz come to understand exactly what she had done, exactly what she had stolen, not just from Kimberly, but from everyone else on the island.

And what better way to teach than through a little field trip?
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