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Garry and Sunil were in the same mindset, it seemed, neither wanting to be around the boy any longer. Garry moved out first, adding that if they didn't want to follow him, they didn't have too. Sunil grabbed his bag and moved next, only he motioned for her to follow.

And now came the decision that Rena was incredibly terrible at making. Stay or go? She'd followed Ridley practically across the whole island, looking for Raine, and then, suddenly, she'd left. She still hadn't really figured through that in her head, but at the time the idea of running seemed so...natural, that she just followed it.

Following Ridley had seemed natural too. It'd seemed right. Finding Raine, even leaving them with the body in the tunnels, it had all seemed to be the smart choice at the time.

And right now it felt right to follow Garry and Sunil.

She followed Sunil, idly wondering where they were going, and truly wondering if she would regret the choices she made later. Or if it really mattered if she did.

((Rena Peters continued elsewhere.))
It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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