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Sunil was compelled to agree with Garry and Rena. Being around a freshly-incapacitated, braindead Jake Crimson was hardly Sunil's idea of comfort. This whole area now struck Sunil as distinctly more morbid and hostile than it was beforehand. Far from being a nice, if unorthodox, place to nap, it now reminded Sunil only of violence. This whole place was insane, and Sunil found the suggestion of getting away from the corpse a very agreeable one. One he wished he'd thought of, but meh, it wasn't a competition.

Well, it was, technically, a kill or be killed competition to be exact, but the whole "who thought up of this plan first" element of SOTF wasn't in itself a competition.

Quickly stopping to scoop up his bag (which was lying, unaffected, unnervingly close to the slowly expanding pool of blood), Sunil gave Jake one last look, trying to come up with suitable, solemn words of parting, but considering he hardly knew the guy and his one experience with him could have resulted in his death were it not for Garry, it was not an easy task. So, he gave up, contented himself with a mumbled generic sentence on how cruel the game was, and then ran to catch up with Garry, quickly motioning at Rena to follow.

((Sunil Savarkar continued in Walk On Water Or Drown.))
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