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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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((Alan Rickhall continued from Cool Ranch.))

Alan and Jimmy continued walking. Alan had gotten quite used to walking. Over his time on the island he had learnt the fine art of quickly looking in a different direction when he passed the odd corpse every so often; it seemed to work and it helped Alan to not think about it. Danya's latest update on the island's favourite rebel had reassured Alan that he was still very scared of what this girl was capable of. It made Alan smile just a little bit.

They entered the beach; Alan looked out to the endless ocean, rolling in and out. Alan wondered where abouts in the world they could be. Who knows? For all Alan knew they could be on a massive film set in a dome in Hollywood. But Alan didn't want to dwell on it and instead just kept walking.

"Hey, Alan. There's a couple people down there. Think we should approach them?"

Alan looked across the beach and indeed saw two figures, not too far away. Other students. Alan couldn't quite make out what was going on but there they were defiantly there. Although it was about the forth time that the old tired system of Alan approaching a group of people and then most of them leaving him about twenty minutes later was being enforced again; it gave Alan confidence, he was getting quite good at it, even if he did say so himself.

Alan continued looking at the group. "I don't see why not... I'll lead, you follow as far back as you like... I think I can handle this..." Alan's tone was nervous, but he had to do this. He couldn't hide behind Jimmy forever, he'd have to realise there was nothing to be afraid of. He began walking forward. After a few steps he assumed he was within shouting distance, built up enough courage and began. "Excuse me folks I don't suppose you know whereabouts I can..." Alan continued moving as he shouted and as he got closer, the horrible scene came into focus. Alan stopped talking in his tracks.

"What have I just done?" He said under his breath.
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