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"No, I don't feel comfortable being here either," Garry replied to Rena, shooting a glance at Jake's body. "I... I'm going to go, I don't want to hang around with... y'know... any longer than I have to," he said, shakily getting to his feet and started to slowly move away from the scene, his bag hanging around his shoulder. He walked a few paces and then stopped in his tracks. "Sunil, Rena..." there was a pause as he sighed, turning back to face them. "If you two wanna stay around with me, then that's fine. If not, well, I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to keep your distance."

He turned away from the three students again and started to amble away at a slow pace. He'd leave it up to the pair of them if they wanted to follow him or not.

((Garry Villette continued in Walk On Water Or Drown))
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