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Can you hear me?
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((Aileen Borden continued from When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open))

Okay, where was Aaron?

She needed to have a word with him. Now.

Aileen's breath came in hoarse gasps as she searched for him. Seriously, she was angry, scared, and worrying her butt off. Jesus Christ almighty, he was demonstrating to her more and more what it was like to be a babysitter each and every single minute. And what's more, once again he had ran away from the fucking group, being chased from behind by that Jacquard person and god knew what else. Seriously, was he trying to get them all killed back there? Was he trying to die? Fuck, and he shot at that guy. Rob Jenkins was a murderer, correct? What if it didn't hit him? What if he was following them? And what if Aaron had shot him? Oh god, a number of horrible things could happen!

And as if it couldn't get any oh-so-better?

Those announcements.

Was that really him? But... they would have done something to him by now. Aileen hadn't really thought about the teachers ever since the beginning. But Kwong was alive. Kwong was being held hostage. Apparently, he was now a bargaining chip for the terrorists.

Liz something-or-other. That was her name. According to the announcements, she had managed to get her collar off. How did she do that? She had no clue that was even that possible! And then they... they... made him kill someone. Daisuke Nagasawa? Three more were killed, as well.

Kwong wasn't a bad teacher. He was strict, but he genuinely cared about his students. He... he didn't deserve this! He didn't deserve to be forced to kill someone! Or tell people not to escape! Or be imprisoned like that! It wasn't fair... it wasn't fair...

And suddenly, she could see Aaron. Her blood began to boil again when she saw what he was doing. Sitting on the ground, writing in his notebook. As usual.

God damn it.

Aileen immediately dropped her things, and started stomping over.

"AARON!" she yelled. "Don't ever scare me like that again! Got it?"

She was furious. Oh god, he really needed to stop running ahead of the group! People were going to get lost! And he just ran away after shooting his gun at someone. Oh man, this was really starting to annoy her.

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