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((Jimmy Robertson continued from Cool Ranch))

As Jimmy and Alan reached the beach, Jimmy noted the announcements that had played over the past day. Danya was getting serious about Liz Polanski. Another three people had been blown up due to Liz's plan, and that was not good. First, it meant that due to Danya's bounty, everyone was after her, because second, Liz could become an indirect cause of death of who knows how many more, himself and Alan included, by what was essentially a game of Russian roulette, without the ability to refuse the proverbial gun. Some people were probably motivated to kill Liz just for a better hope of survival themselves. That meant that they had to find Liz before anybody else did, and together find a better way of getting back at Danya - one that attracted less attention.

He looked over at Alan. He seemed a little jostled, but nothing too bad. Jimmy would be lying himself if he claimed to be completely unafraid of what was going on. He was in a death game with his class, and he and Alan had yet to find anybody who was willing to team up with him (well, they'd met Brock, but he was dead).

Jimmy scanned the beach, looking for people. In the distance, he made out someone. Scratch that. As he moved in a little closer and squinted, he made out two people. Just barely, but there were two people. Hopefully they would be friendly, or even better, willing to join the fight against Danya. He looked over at Alan.

"Hey, Alan. There's a couple people down there. Think we should approach them?"
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