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It had worked. Acacia had spent a fair portion of their day long journey wondering how she was going to break it to Roman that twin senses weren't real, it was just a series of coincidences and knowing someone really well that led people to believe in it. But somehow, from across the island, through all the death and war, there was a moment of peace. Sort of. Acacia winced as Alex practically jumped her twin back to the ground, then felt a need to step away as he pulled her into the most obvious display of love that she'd seen in days. He'd given her privacy during her imaginary phone call, now she would give him privacy in his moment too.

Chewing on her lip she walked back towards Jojo, scanning the barren landscape. According to the map this was the southern felled forest, but they weren't in the exact bit of it that they had started out in. There was no headless body of Dallas Reynolds for a start, also none of the possessions that she'd cast aside as being useless when she'd first woken up. Four days later she couldn't even remember what she'd tossed. Casting a glance back to the embracing twins, Acacia felt a slight twinge of jealousy towards Alex. She'd enjoyed the little partnership that she and Roman had gotten going, and that was going to come to an end now. Not that she could blame him for it, it was just sad. Also, she felt more lost than ever. Before they had had their little mission. Find Alex. Now that mission was completed she wasn't sure what she was supposed to do. She needed a new objective, a new task. Acacia knew that she wasn't clever enough to come up with a way to escape, she was going on the basis that they would eventually get rescued. Thinking about the alternative was too... Too much.

"Where the fuck is Simon?" she said irritably to Jojo. He'd disappeared for a bathroom break, and Acacia had barely acknowledged him leaving as he said something about catching them up. She'd been too lost in a reverie. But that had been almost an hour ago now, and she was starting to think he might have gotten lost. Twaisting her foot into the ground, she created a tiny sandstorm of dust that coated her sneakers. Sneakers which had been brand new for the trip, and yet the additional dust made no change. She didn't care. Glancing up at sky, which was turning to dusk, she looked around again for somewhere sheltered. A small half circle of stumps sat in a shallow dip, trees that had once been a cluster, seemed to be their best bet. "Well, whatever," she said with a shrug, figuring that Simon would either show up or he wouldn't, but he could look after himself. He'd managed to track them from the Hall of Mirrors to the Sawmill pretty effectively anyhow. "We should set up a camp," she added, pointing towards the stump circle and raising her voice so that Roman and Alex might hear. Then she pointed half heartedly to the sky. "It's getting dark," she said by means of pointless explanation.
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