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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Yes... yes, yes, YES! Everything lined up so perfectly! It was just... lying right there in front of Brook, ready to be shattered into tiny little bits, much like the broken mess that was once Leila's elbow. Shit... he didn't realize that enough force would make it pop like that, sending something so off-kilter that it would poke through the bone and send blood spraying. Oh well... Leila always was the gross sort to just spray and smear her blood all over everything. She had already showed him that in the past.

Seeing her just writhe in his grip send wave after wave of everlasting pleasure running through every part of Brook's body. He expected her to be screaming and expressing her agony immediately but, as luck would have it, watching that invisible thermometer of pain rising to its boiling point was just that more satisfying. If only this moment could last forever, then all would be right with the world. Sadly, no... there was more fun to be had!

"Gaaahahahahaaa!!! I broooooke yoooou!" Brook jeered, releasing the ruined arm and giving Leila a nice and firm push on her shoulders. The useless girl fell backward, stumbling over the daypack that rested next to her feet. She continued to lay there, looking up at him with a look that seemed better fit for one of those animal shelter commercials. She just seemed so bewildered, so confused... oh yeah, and in pain.

Good! Wallow in it, you little whore! You should look like this more often!

Taking a couple steps back to admire his handiwork, a glint shining from the moonlight caught his eyes. Leila clearly wasn't going anywhere at the moment, so Brook leisurely looked down to his feet and found just what the object was. Of course... it was the weapon she oh-so brazenly pointed at him with her silly and worthless thoughts, right before he had his way with that arm! His old friend, the junky FP-45 Liberator that he woke up with in that clear-cut area. Probably wasn't the best weapon on the island, but it would do the job that was asked of it for now. It'd make a far better present than the whimpering girl at his feet, anyway.

"Weeeell, toys really aren't all that much fun once you've broken them..." Brook said, casually stepping and bending down to retrieve the weapon. He idly played with it, working it around in his fingers to get the feel of the thing. It was a little dirtier than he had known it to be beforehand, but that was because Leila, the thief that she was, saw it fit to take it for herself. "Anything you wanna say, Leila?" Brook softly asked, not taking his eyes off the gun as he did so.

It would seem that she didn't have anything to say, at least for the moment. Brook sighed at that, clicking his tongue against his teeth once, twice, three times. The poor girl... he offered her a chance to at least make her existence mildly interesting before he used it for his own goals, maybe let her have a few flavorful last words, but if she really wanted to squander them, then that was her own damn fault. He rose and stepped around Leila, carefully observing his quarry as she returned his gaze with her own. It held a sort of primal fear, just like a treed animal that knew it was about to die.

"See..." Brook started, licking some of the dryness out of his lips. He stooped down, randomly pointing at her and motioning with the pistol in his hands. "I'd play with you and torture you some more, maybe make an appointment or two, but I'm getting bored really fast." Of course he was... he didn't have all the time in the world to waste on this slut! "Plus, I gotta watch over Tiffany, so this is just an arrangement we're gonna have to hold off on. Or, you know, not happen, because I'm going to kill you!"

He let out another shrill cackle, straightening back up and practically dancing on the spot with joy.

"Oooh, you should see your face right now! You're so big and bad on the ground like that, Leila! You like being on your back!?" His mouth spread into a grin, the gun poised. Soon, in just one pull of a trigger, Leila would be out of his life, generously leaving a body just for Tiffany. Leila, on the other hand, seemed like she did have something to say. Before Brook could pull the trigger, Leila coughed, cleared her throat, and...

"You looked better... with my blood on."

The smile completely disintegrated. The memory of... of that dirty trick she played on him came back and ran through his mind over and over. He scowled down at her, training the pistol directly on her forehead. He was going to enjoy every. Single. FUCKING. SECOND of this.

"Yeah... I'm sure it'll look good on you too."
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