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God was telling you "not yet".
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Everything came to a stop.

The air fell quiet.

And then her body froze as the sound of something breaking pierced her senses.

What could it have been? Maybe someone was nearby? Someone to help her?


It felt like she was getting warmer; a tickling heat spreading all the way up her arm. It ran through the curves in her muscles, and it leapt and crackled in her veins. The heat rose quicker and higher until it spiralled up and up, reaching out for that sweet spot right inside her head. It was unfamiliar, and it scared and bewildered her, but as it made its way to the very core of her brain, and lunged out to strike, she finally felt it - the trail of fire igniting the spark, and giving her that one lucid moment which showed her everything the world was hiding from her eyes.


And the first thing she saw...


Was her bleeding-



"Ha-ah! Ha-ahhh-!"


"Hah!! A-ah! Haaaaah?!"

Hello again.
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