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((Sorry about how short this is. Gotta set Jimmy up.))

"You're right, there's not much more we can do for you but wish you the very best of luck, not that it counts for much here. Still, here's hoping that when you do find this girl ... that she's still in one piece. So Adieu to you both. Although it doesn't mean much, I'll pray for you both. It seems to be the only thing I ever do on this island."

Alan said his piece and left, saluting them. Jimmy just smiled mirthlessly as he said his goodbyes.

"I hope I'll see you around. Hopefully one of us can find Liz and find out how she can help us. And if you do find out, tell Danya that he can go to hell." Jimmy nodded as he followed Alan out of there.

((Jimmy Robertson continued in Darken Your Clothes and Strike A Violent Pose))
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