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She wasn't expecting a hand to touch her shoulder. Gloria tensed up at first, unused to a near-stranger touching her like that, but when it was clear Michael wasn't going to try anything sexual or try to punch her, she slowly started to relax. Started to. Gloria sniffled again, wiping her face as her companion picked up her duffel bag. "O--Okay...cl-class rotation?" she mumbled. Speaking in "game" might be a good idea with Michael. Might make them closer, better friends...less likely to run off and leave the other--

N-Nuh-uh! Gloria thought with a shake of her head as she rose to her feet. H-He's probably, n-no, he is as scared as m-me...No, he's less scared. But we won't run off. We're a team.

Hand shaking slightly, Gloria reached out and lightly grabbed the back of Michael's shirt. "Th--thank you...I--I c-can...t-take over a-aga-gain later....'kay?" she whispered again, sniffling once more. It was only fair, after all. She turned her attention to the buildings he was referring to, mind going in a seemingly-random direction. "I--I w-wonder if....i-if there's pl-plumbing..." she mumbled faintly. "W-We're...we're a-all gon--gonna smell la-later..." Oh, but even if there was plumbing, the water might be too cold. And there might not be soap. It'd be kind of pointless to shower with no soaps. Maybe they got lucky and the people behind the game had given them deodorants and perfumes in the duffel bags. Maybe.

"A-Are we go-going inside, or...o-or just...j-just beyond th-the h-h-houses?"
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