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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Kitty Gittschall continued from Shore Leave)

Kitty didn't like this place. The trees ended suddenly and it took her a second to get her bearings. The sudden end to the trees, the shadows gathering over the Ranger Station like a looming monster and just the whole atmosphere of the place... It was a pretty damn potent cocktail. This place gave her the creeps and she could tell Roland was feeling the exact same thing. Roland and Kitty finally saw eye-to-eye on something. Huh.

Of course she didn't realize that there was activity going on in the station. She was much too far away to know that for sure. She felt that there was something inside the Ranger Station but she thought it was a silly thought. The place looked like a haunted house, where ghosts of her fallen classmates roam and at first Kitty just flipped her hair at the thought. She finally caught sight of the dead body. Her eyes went wide. No wonder this place was giving her the creeps.

Roland motioned Kitty to get down and she did as she was told. She got down on her haunches, looking between Roland and the front door of the Station. Roland asked what Kitty thought she should do, a move that surprised Kitty. She couldn't recall a time where Roland asked her opinion about what they should do. Most of the time she just kept quiet and let him stroke his own inflated ego.

"Umm," she thought, the sight of a dead body still shaking her mind. Shit. What the fuck were they supposed to do apart from either walking up there all hunky-dory, sitting and watching the door or leaving the place altogether? This was rather sudden, and Kitty was just used to keeping her opinions to herself. "I think we should -"

Oh, well, Kitty should have figured Roland wasn't going to listen to her. God damn it. Kitty huffed as Roland started to drop his stuff. A suicide mission to be sure, an idea that Kitty definitely would never suggest. But hey, it was his funeral. Besides she didn't see anyone around apart from the dead body... so Roland would definitely be okay. At least she hoped. She hoped? When did she ever use hope?

"Sure." She said, rolling her eyes. "Be careful." Make sure not to get yourself killed, you fucking asshole.

Kitty watched as Roland walked off. She looked over at the scene before her... and she wasn't impressed. She couldn't see the blood. All she could see was the faint outlines of a body that was propped up. It had to be a dead body... or maybe Kitty was just assuming that. A nasty habit, assuming.

Kitty balled her hand into a fist. She winced, her eyes closing reflexively. Her arm was getting better. It still stung but at least she was able to move it. Could she swing this bat? Maybe, not very hard but she could probably give it a good swing if she must. Roland motioned to her and she stood up. That had been quick. Perhaps things were clear? Kitty wasn't too sure about that. She had a bad feeling about this. She quickly grabbed Ethan's bad, her bat in her good hand. She made her way quickly across the difference bef-

She stopped. The scene was worse up close. Ethan had not been lucky. Perhaps it was her condition that had desensitized her from the previous cadaver. but Ethan's body was worse, the blood just pooled all around in big splatters, many of which lumped like little slugs. Pieces of skin scattered the scene like little islands, torn up and twisted and disgusting. The worst part, oh god the worst, were the bones. The bones, Ethan's bones had been bent outward, his jaw disfigured, his neck distorted as if the few bones that were left opened his neck up like a curtain and it - the whole scene disturbed her more than she could have ever imagined. The ever-growing bile in her throat was forcing it's way up and she felt this tremendous feeling of guilt that she had never felt before and she, she, turned away from the scene, closing her eyes. Had to forget it. She was tougher than this. She walked over to Roland, opened her eyes.

Roland whispered in her ear...

"... really?"

She forgot about the dead body in front of her. She wasn't glad about the plan, she was more surprised that this was even possible. She stared at Roland.

"This is... wow..."

Thank god Ethan. You managed to do something that over one-thousand past kids could have never achieved. You actually fucked with the system.

"Alright," she nodded, a little meek but definitely with energy.

Kitty step forward. It didn't take her long to scan the room. There were people... and they were busy. Just as Kitty should have figured. She looked back at Roland before turning back.

... a computer. Electricity. Ethan was right. If he were still alive, she would have hugged him.

"Don't just stand there. Go and talk to them."

She had to do something. Taking the initiative, Kitty quickly flipped her own dufflebag. There were mics right? Yes, that was why it was silent. So be it. If they were going to escape, or at least they were going to try to escape, they couldn't be talking like a bunch of dopes. She got back up to her feet, zipped her bag back up and dropped it.

A sketchpad and a marker.

She pulled the cap off with her teeth and scribbled. She was a quick writer, and her hand ran across her page at lightning speed. Ethan was the one who inspired the idea. It was a good idea, better than just asking what they were doing. Surely the ones watching them wouldn't be able to read anything that they write. It was innocent. It was smart. So. She finished, pushed the cap back onto the marker. She walked up to one of the girls near the computer, each step cautious. Isabel? Was that her name? Kitty pushed the book into her lap.

I just read the note. We're here to help. My partner's right behind me.

Talk with this. I'm pretty sure these collars have mics.
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