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your mom wanted to make sure that her clothes didn’t steal the spotlight from her new haircut so she went with this feather fringed semi-transparent catsuit w/modesty pleather panels in a simple, understated black.
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((Orpheus Campbell continued from They F**cking Work Because . . .))

He'd lost Rizzo.

He'd lost Rizzo and Rizzo had died because of it. So many deaths, collars being blown over some chick. It was sickening, but it was all blending together. He'd just walked, had to keep moving. Sleep was good, and rations were too (because all the good stuff was long gone, by now) but it didn't matter. He was still alive. She was too. He'd been around this whole damn island looking, but he wouldn't give up until he at least knew Josée was okay.

To be honest, completely honest, he was surprised she hadn't ran her mouth off and gotten killed already.

But he was so damn tired. He'd just sit on this beach for a while, it was much better than the damn woods or swamp as far as sight-seeing went. He plopped down in the sand, and was dozing off when he heard voices . . .

"Hey tell me . . . Do you what I see?

He didn't see shit, but he ran over to the sound of the voices anyway. He saw Mike Maszer, soccer player, pretty cool guy. He was pointin to something . . . But Orpheus didn't really care about that. Not now, not at all.

It took him five days but, he'd done it. If he wasn't a big ass football player, he'd probably start crying. It was still a tempting option.

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