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((Micheal Raynor continued from I Swear I Won't Shoot ))

This was all a little more awkward for him then he thought it would be. It didn't take long for him to realize why he spent all his time either by himself or with people he didn't have to empathize with. At least, maybe not outside regretting a wipe on a raid or losing a save file due to a corrupted memory card. You know, stuff that doesn't actually really matter in the long run. Despite the time and devotion he's given to video games and comic books, he realized that they weren't a way of life. Not unless he got a job in the video game design filed, but that was a train long gone.

His point being, he wasn't used to dealing with genuine misfortune. Even when it was happening all around him. Gloria managed to hold up okay after they got off the beach, and he liked to think that he even got her to open up a little. But she did have these little bouts. Of course, it felt, well, wrong, to diminish them like that. No, it didn't feel wrong, it was wrong. She had lost someone close to her, someone she cared about, she was allowed to be upset. His only problem, well not his only problem, but his main problem involving Gloria was that he didn't really know how to comfort her about it. Sure, he could say sorry for her loss and all that, but it just felt, sorta like a cop out.

All the same, Micheal did his best. "Really, don't worry about it. He was your friend, I don't mind." He offered a forced grin, nodding toward the area around them. "I mean, it isn't like we know what we're doing, right?" The gamer extended a hand, faltering when he realized that he didn't actually know where the gesture was going. At last, he settled on a comforting(?) hand on her shoulder. It was what he'd seen in movies, so why not try it here? This all had enough in common with works of fiction already, why not add some stolen sentimentality?

As her comment about churros, Micheal smiled on reflex, though the expression was confused. He briefly wondered if she was losing it before writing it off to grief. Lacking any real way to respond to that, he offered, "Churros are nice."

In the brief pause that followed, he looked at the buildings surrounding them. This wandering around blindly was for the birds, he decided. They needed a plan, or at least a destination. When Gloria started speaking again, he looked back to her. "I can be leader for a spell, if you want." He smiled. "That way I can look out for you, like you've been looking out for me." The boy stepped forward, grabbing her bag and slinging it over the opposite shoulder his own bag rested on. "Let's make it through these buildings. Once we reach the other side, we'll see what to do next. Okay?"
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