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((SImon Telamon continued from Living In the Aftermath))


All Simon had done was take a leak and some water ... and adjust his left leg. When he finally caught up with the others, well, he must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, because he still couldn't find them.

Now, he was in what seemed like a normal cul-de-sac, if it hadn't been for the collars, and the recent announcements. Turned out there had been, in the space of a day, two attempts to get back at Danya. One was Ethan Kent, who took out a couple cameras somewhere and got his collar detonated for it, but the other one was shown by an announcement in the middle of the day ... seemed some girl had managed to mess with the collars enough ... enough to detonate other collars when she took out some of the cameras. On the one hand, it now meant that he now had no way of being safe. Even if he locked himself alone inside a house with a guaranteed escape route to a safe zone on the island, his collar could still be detonated at any moment. On the other hand, if she could do it once, she could do it again.

He leaned against one of the houses when he caught sight of something in the distance. He squinted to see two figures. They were approaching, but he couldn't make out anything of note. All that he knew was that it was two people. Simon went around the house he was at, blocking them from his view for a few seconds, going slightly towards them to get a better angle. He hid by the next house, quickly peering outside, taking note of what seemed to be ... something held by one of the two. He couldn't tell exactly what it was, but it didn't seem like a good something as he pulled himself back behind the building.

Just stay out of sight for now ...
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