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((Sorry. With my away time I didn't realize how long it had been. Won't happen again.))

Figuratively, Colin's ears perked up when he heard Tim spoke. Hell, other than the voice coming from over near the fountain (and honestly, he couldn't even understand those), you could hear a pin drop out here. The group he had been traveling with were completely silent. And his and Jacob's thought process forced a smile onto his face. Their ability to assume the best in people was refreshing. They did seem friendly enough anyways. The short one... He remembered someone calling her Bounce back in school. That's one of those odd nicknames you remember. He hadn't heard anything like that on the announcements, and he was sure that Danya would be pretty much unable to resist making some sore of macabre, grotesque pun out of that.

His voice was but a whisper. Even though he wanted to make contact, there was this odd habit he had developed of trying to keep himself hidden from view of everyone else. First his plan to run through the forests to get here, and now this. "Yeah. We probably should. Besides, I don't think I've heard a thing about the short one on the announcements. I don't know about the other on- two though." A third girl was just a dot off in the distance, but he could still see her slowly approaching.

And then Bounce looked right at the trio. And in a wildly unprovoked movement, she grabbed Alice and threw her to the ground, doing so herself. The other girl had gotten significantly closer in the time it took Victoria to get closer, and she was looking right at them too. There was something in Bounce's hand... He couldn't make out for the life of him what it was though. Definitely not a gun. Okay then.

The sneakiness probably wasn't making this look any better either. Now or never... He quickly stood, taking a step out into the open, his hands open and raised to indicate that he wasn't armed.

"Relax, it's alright! We aren't playing. We're just trying to survive this insufferable place. You're... Bounce, right? I'm Colin." He indicated his alli- his friends with his head, making a point to keep his hands in sight at all times. "We're just looking for Jacob's bag. And other friendly faces."

When a person makes an effort to display a certain emotion, no matter if it's a legitimate emotion or not, it comes off looking fake as heck. Colin was doing everything he could to make sure that his face radiated warmth and friendship, yet the way it contorted, it looked more like a strange form of nervousness. On a level, the nervousness was legitimate. He was worried in the back of his mind that one of the three would recognize him from day one, and immediately start with a violent greeting.
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