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((Roland Harte continued from Shore Leave

The forest ended abruptly, the Ranger Station looming out of the shadow of the mountain. It looked bizarre to say the least, surrounded by debris. Quiet. Disturbing. Roland didn't like it.

Then again, there isn't much about this place I do like...

Roland crouched at the edge of the clearing, his knife loosely held in his right hand. The scene before him was strange. The station appeared almost untouched, but there were telltale signs of activity. Primarily, a dead body directly outside the fucking front door. If that wasn't a good enough sign, he didn't know what would be. Upon first noticing the corpse, Roland had gotten down low and directed Kitty to do the same. There would be nothing worse then walking straight into a trap and watching his teammate get their head blown straight off.

The problem was, there was absolutely no activity within the vicinity of the house. Roland was utterly stumped how he should proceed. The Station would make an excellent headquarters, but if it was occupied the risk of approach was deadly.

"What do you think?" He asked, looking back towards Kitty. "I don't want to go get our heads blown off. But this would be a great spot to just camp out for awhile."

He'd been trying to bounce more of his decisions off his companion ever since the confrontation with Jackie in the woods. Kitty had stuck to her guns, and frankly it was impressive considering his initial opinion on the girl. She wasn't exactly in the same basket as Pandora Black after all. Funny that. And fortunate too. He'd gotten rather intense back in the woods, but now with some room to relax and breathe, he was rethinking his strategies especially those concerning Kitty. His ambition had probably scared the girl, and he'd been trying to tone it down, at least for now.

She isn't exactly a meat shield, but I can't trust her in a straight up fight. I've been dragging her around, telling her how to stay alive. But that's not what I need. I need someone on my level, someone who isn't only around because I can cut people's heads off. A second in command. Something like that. Someone who could think of a way OFF this fucking rock. Fat lot of good I'm doing, nosing around this fucking forest... Kitty probably doesn't have a clue where I'm coming from. Oh well... Strategies aren't written in stone. Revision is what'll keep me alive.

"I think I'm going to go up for a look. Stay here."

Roland shimmied backwards, dropping his pack behind a nearby tree. Raising Vera, Roland cleaned the blade of the knife on his pant leg. It didn't work well. Roland was looking to be an absolute mess. He hadn't had a decent shower since the day of the trip, and the idea of leaving Kitty alone to go take one in a creek was... awkward. His rather hasty burial of Robert hadn't helped his clothes either. His sweater had been washed the best he could manage, but the pungent scent of blood and vomit still lingered, much to his disgust. He'd thrown it away just a few hours before, now only wearing a grungy black t-shirt. Still the memories of that horrid night lingered with him, occasionally plaguing him with doubts.

I was right, I know I was. Even if I wasn't, it's done now. Kitty got out, and now it's all fine...

Rising to his feet, Roland pushed his glasses up his face and slicked his hair back.

"Alright. Be back in a bit."

With that, he approached the cabin.


Ethan Kent hadn't been dead for long. The boy's body was propped up in a sitting position at the entrance of the Ranger Station, his jaw blown off, most of his neck gone. It was a gory scene to say the least, and Roland muttered a quick prayer before going any closer. He knew Ethan. Well, he didn't know him. But he'd seen him, heard his voice. The weight room at school, a few classes together... Roland could feel his anger building up inside him as he approached his dead classmate. Ethan was smart. Ethan had deserved better.

Good. Build that anger up Roland.... When I meet Danya, I'll kill him by inches for this.

Roland bent down, looking at the note in the dead boy's lap. His brow furrowed as he finished. He read it again, just to be sure.

... But if you come in, don't touch shit and KEEP QUIET. DON'T SAY ONE WORD. Something is up.

Rising, Roland turned gesturing for Kitty to move forward. Roland turned back towards the house, letting out a breath. Something was definitely up, but something that could very well be a good thing. Roland was willing to chance it. Ethan was smart... maybe he had found a way out? Kitty approached, and Roland quickly filled her in on the plan, whispering quickly to her. Sheaving Vera, Roland nudged his glasses up his nose.

"Something's going on here, keep quiet, don't move inside until I tell you it's safe. Might be a way out. Above all, no talking from this point on." Roland whispered.

Turning, Roland regarded the door.

I've got nothing to lose...

With a push, Roland opened the door, entering the building. Quickly looking around, his heart began to race faster, a million questions on his lips. It was agony, he covered his mouth to avoid blurting anything out.

Feo Smith?... Dave? ISABEL? Jesus-

His eyes darted around the room, taking everything in. There were five of them in all, Feo Smith and Helen Wilson, along with another girl Roland only barely knew, Winnie Clark. Dave and Isabel looking no worse for the wear then when he had left him back at the fair.

What the fuck is going on?

Whatever it was, there wasn't any murderers lurking about. Breathing in deeply, Roland slowly brought his hand down to his weapon. Unsheathing Vera, Roland slowly placed the weapon on the ground. He waited a beat, checking the inhabitants reactions. He hoped his disarming displaced any mistrust. After making sure it was all good to go, Roland turned towards the door and opened it. Nodding that it was safe, Roland held the door open for Kitty as he once more looked over the cabin inhabitants.

What is going on...?
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