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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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It seemed that Alan's request was going to be declined, not that he didn't expect it to in the first place, these people seemed to know what they were doing anyway. What could Alan do but polity salute back.

"Forget it, I don't think we stand a chance of them joining us. Let's just find someone else."

This came from Jimmy, Alan agreed with him in an instant, but felt that he couldn't leave these people without some sort of goodbye.

"You're right, there's not much more we can do for you but wish you the very best of luck... Not that it counts for much here. Still, here's hoping that when you do find this girl... That she's still in one piece." Alan trembled at the thought of the poor girl swarmed by turned students, all hunting her down the moment Danya throws several litres of metaphorical steak sauce over her. "So Adéu to you both. Although it doesn't mean much... I'll pray for you both... It seems to be the only thing I ever do on this island."

Finishing his piece, he turned and began to walk off into the distance, he had no idea what he could do to survive, but at least he had Jimmy, and he had Zoey; in his heart he knew that she was watching him, and hoping for his safety. Before walking completely off, he turned back to the group that he had just left and saluted once more, before walking off out of sight.

((Alan Rickhall continued in Darken Your Clothes and Strike a Violent Pose.))
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