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It turned out, Mike's search quest ended up more quickly than he could ever imagine. There it was, painted right on the hull, just waiting to be found. The Pole froze in place, almost as he witnessed the savior himself.

My goodness, why didn't I think about it earlier? It would be much quicker to just go here, rather than visit the lighthouse, and maybe Max would still...

Mike quickly shook his head to get away from the miserable thoughts about his dead companion. He couldn't do anything for him right now, but now he could do something for himself. And for Erik. And Fatty, whatever his name was. And everyone else.

Before he could even start putting his plan into motion though, someone interrupted him. Mike quickly turned his head toward a girl, who approached him. As much as Mike knew island's standards (hint: Not much), she looked and behaved pretty okay. No weapons pointed at him, no threats, and most importantly - no sneak attacks. It was a really nice change of pace after that encounter with Max's killer (who's name was apparently Quincy Jones, if Danya was to be believed). She asked him about seeing her brother, before giving a brief description of him. Frankly, Mike could match a third of the American teenagers to that description (except that part about the pocket knife of course), but this time he was fairly sure he didn't meet anyone like that along the way, simply because managed to meet in person only five other people (six including the girl) so far.

"Nope, doesn't ring a bell. Sorry to disappoint you."

Although he tried to come up with the most serious face possible, a giant smile from his latest discovery managed to surface on his mouth, making him look a bit like a wacko. And then, he came up with an idea. A bit stupid, but he just wanted to share his good news with someone. Also, it was a pretty good way to keep up the conversation.

"Hey, tell me..."

The Pole took a few steps toward the girl. As he noticed her cautious look, he quickly put his both hands in the air to show no ill meaning. A second later, he was already by the girl's side, and asked her:

"Do you see, what I see?"

And with an index finger, he pointed out the old black letters painted on the hull of the sailboat, mixing into a symbol of hope for every student alive, even by the name itself.


((Mike's discovery, as well as the sailboat's name is staff approved))
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