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((Aaron Hughes continued from When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open))

Aaron hadn't gone far. It had been some time since the incident in the forest, though. It had been getting on towards night then, and there had since been two announcements, two unscheduled announcements, and they had Aaron's blood boiling. Someone had done something to their collar, had disabled it somehow. Danya was in a towering rage over it. This wasn't good, though, not at all. One person had been saved from immediate explosion. One. Nice job there. How totally useful to the rest of them. Whatever gap had been exploited, it had almost certainly been closed by now. Aaron just had to hope it wasn't the same trick he'd thought of. If someone had stolen his plan, had messed up their one shot at salvation, he would... he would...

He would try again. He would find a new hole. More than one way to skin a cat, and all that.

He thought he might have lost the others, at least, the ones he was trying to lose. It was hard to keep track of people in a forest, but that worked to the advantage of the person fleeing. He was sure, simply sure, that he'd nailed Rob. Equally sure he'd still heard the boy behind him. What the hell? Was he unstoppable? Did bullets mean nothing to him? He should have been bleeding to death or something.

Right now, though, that was all irrelevant. It was time to make a plan, to bring the situation back under control. Now was not the time for Aaron to go losing his cool. His time line had been moved up quite a bit, now that Danya was dangling the threat of collar explosions over them at random. The priorities now were simple. First off, regroup. Grab everyone reliable. Next, deal with the collars. Nuking the cameras was completely out. Aaron was pretty sure he understood Danya now. If all the cameras went down, it'd be curtains for the whole island. Boom. After all, what other purpose could that beep each collar had given have had? Danya was reminding them. He wouldn't lose. He wouldn't let them go. Never.

After dealing with the collars (or heck, even perhaps before, if his first plan didn't pan out) Aaron had to find Liz Polanski.

Because, screw up or not, poor planning or not, she had something he needed. She had the technical expertise to make a difference, to get those little things that were just a bit beyond Aaron's grasp. At least, he assumed that was the case; how else would she have gotten herself into a position where Danya couldn't blow her up? Yes, Liz would be a fine addition to the team.

Panting, a stitch in his side, Aaron paused for a moment, slumped backwards, leaning his weight against a tree. He couldn't sit down. Not yet. Not if he was going to keep moving. No, he had to do something else, though. Had to fill in more of his plan. Just in case. In case something happened. In case Rob caught him. In case Jacquard was still lurking out there.

Quickly, he checked that no cameras could see what he was doing, and started scribbling as quickly as he could, momentarily oblivious to his surroundings.
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