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((OOC: I've held on more than I can afford to for spoiler, and even with my declared absence, this is getting to be way too long of a wait.))

"Tyler." She said. Taking a deep breath and banishing the image from her mind. "Have you seen Maxwell anywhere? I need to... discuss something with him." Turning to Annaliese as she clambered through the window she nodded at her. "You too. We're not looking to hurt anyone here, we just need to find Maxwell."

"Wait, which Maxwell? Lombardi or Crowe?"

"I haven't seen either of them." Tyler shakes his head at this admission. "But if you want to try and find him...I guess I'm game for looking for him?"

The look on Tyler's face actually becomes a bit...hopeful, you might say. For the first time on the island, he's actually got a possible group to join up with. It heartens him to think about the possibility of not having to just smack other people over the head with his tire iron. Not that he knows what he's getting into or...well, even what they've been up to the last few days. Trying to keep track of all the other groups on the island is something he might have managed if he were in a...less interactive version of SOTF. Like, say, on the TV.

"Any idea where he might be?" Not likely, but it's a start if they're going to run off after someone.
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