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How cute.
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Sofia grit her teeth and winced, each heavy breath stinging as her side throbbed and ached. It hurt like hell but only time would tell if something was broken or cracked, but for now, she was victorious. She took John out of the equation, took away his ability to fight back. A broken arm was useless in this place, and she had all but signed his ticket for a first class trip to hell. He was an obstacle, and she broke him down. Now, Janet was having her turn, having come in at the last minute to take him down and take out her frustration on an actual target; not that Sofia really knew if Janet had any frustrations to take out, but really, who didn't in this place?

But still, Sofia was victorious. She overcame her first of many real obstacles.

Now... well, now she was going to attend to her new tool, her new weapon to take down further obstacles. Further roadblocks. That pipe of hers had worked out perfectly, but the shotgun she'd managed to wrestle from John would work so much better when the time came to use it. Feeding Colin the lead pipe was tempting, but feeding him the barrel of the shotgun would be so much more satisfying. But before she could use it, she would need the ammunition... and when that came to mind, John's bag became her new target.

"I think I'll take this, if you don't mind."

She spoke up as she wrapped her slightly aching fingers around the strap of John's bag, his daypack, picking it up and letting it hang from her shoulder as she dug through the contents, leaving her lead pipe in the bag as she searched. When she found what she was looking for, she let a little sinister grin come as it may and tried to dredge up whatever little knowledge she had on shotguns. Watch enough TV or movies, play enough games or even spend enough time on the internet and you learn little things. Not much, but you at least learned to do a few essentials.

It wasn't quite as dramatic as she expected. Fumbling with a weapon she knew almost nothing about wasn't quite as dramatic as what she envisioned, but it was at least being done right. It's not like John could interject and stop her from playing with his weapon, Janet had his attention and wasn't about to let it go. First, she made sure to actually load the weapon; one shell, two shells, three shells, four. That's good for now. Next, she made sure to get one of those shells in the chamber and pumped the shotgun. Simple enough, though she might want to give the manual a glance when she had the time. But for now, she was content with the fact that she was now holding a loading shotgun.

What a rush it was to have that thing in her hands, such an imposing, beautiful thing. It almost reminded her of her car. Sturdy and reliable, something she had to be responsible with, something she had to take care of if she really wanted it to last. Something that could do so much damage in the wrong hands...

Of course, she'd never pointed her car at someone. But here she was, pointing the shotgun at John and Janet to end whatever interaction was going on between them. That's right, at both of them; she held no ill will toward Janet but she didn't trust her either. She could be an obstacle, or she could simply be a bystander. Whichever she became was her choice though, wasn't it?

"Get the fuck up!"

God, what a rush it was to know that with one little movement, with one little twitch, you could end someone's life. It was almost as good as being behind the wheel of a classic car. But could she really break down the obstacles in her path completely? To remove them from the equation entirely?

Well, that was the plan now, wasn't it?
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