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Me? Why, what a wild and crazy accusation! No no, it was that OTHER girl.
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((Victoria Logan continued from Civilization at any Price))

Things were looking up for Vic. In one fell swoop, two of her three primary goals on the island were met. Find a real weapon and find Alice. Goal three was more of an endurance sort of goal, and it was no doubt a goal shared by the rest of the student body. Stay alive. Easier said then done, right?

But that was before she got a gun. The gun made everything easier. Even if the gun was issued to Alice, Alice gave it to her since she wasn't in any condition to use it. Vic might say it was her insurance policy if she actually expected Alice to turn on her. Maybe it could still be an insurance policy in the event that was she and Alice were...separated or otherwise split up.

That was a fairly innocuous way of saying Vic would at least have something if Alice was killed. Which, by the way, was seeming more and more plausible. Hell, Alice had already been shot and beaten up, and both times it was largely her fault. Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but Vic had thought about it and everything would have gone much smoother if Alice had just given up her gun. She wouldn't have been shot, they would have lost the gun, but no one would have been shot. A pretty small price to pay for not having an injury that would slow you down later. But that was Alice. Proud to the point of pigheadedness sometimes.

Which led to the question of how the hell was Alice still moving faster then she was? Sure, Vic had taken an extra second or two to grab the bags, but Alice was tearing off down the street like she was on a mission. Not that she wasn't, though. Couldn't leave Bounce behind, oh no. If it was up to Vic, they would have left her behind. To be honest, she was still sore about making them split up. And through a chain of events that only made sense to Vic, she got Alice shot. That didn't mean she complained about the decision to Alice. Maybe mentioned they should move on, but fast chance of that. When Alice got something in her head...

As the road ended and opened up on a clearing dominated by a large and, in her opinion, ostentatious fountain. Alice was way ahead of her, making a beeline toward a small figure crouched down by the statue. Well, so much for just the two of them. It seemed Alice had sniffed out the little Russian girl. Vic set the bags down at her feet, leaning against the last building before the clearing. She'd let the two get reacquainted before joining them, she decided. Vic rolled her already sore shoulder, the one both bags had been resting on, relishing the sound Alices' leather jacket made as it moved.

Vic had almost decided that she was done with her Fonzy impression when Bounce threw Alice to the ground. her first wild thought was that Bounce has gone crazy. Even when she saw the three figures on the opposite end of the opening, she still kicked that idea around. Vic watched the group across from her pressing against the wall to minimize her profile as she did. They didn't look overtly hostile, but that didn't stop her hand from resting on the butt of the revolver tucked in her belt. Whatever they were up to, it would be a fine chance to play guardian angle. If they were friendly, well, alright. If they weren't, she'd have the drop on them. Easy. All she had to do was wait and see.
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