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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Passive-agressive meanings? Nope. She was telling them to follow her.

To be honest, Zach Jamis was feeling a little hesitation. Hesitation? Was that word even supposed to BE in his dictionary?

Well no. It wasn't. But he was going on a giant fucking leap of logic and this girl is giving him a look that's telling him that he's a fucking idiot. What was he supposed to do? Stupid bitch, making him feel hesitation. He was turning into a pussy, that wasn't good at all. Jesus he was changing, god damn it. And now this girl is asking him if he wants to take point. Fuck. This. Chick. Fuck. EVERYTHING. Of course, being the pussy that he was turning into, he wasn't going to waste his breath saying that. Instead -

"Yeah yeah yeah, fine with me." He rolled his eyes. "Keep that gun of yours out though."

Chivalry? This bitch had the gun. This was Meatshieldry. But whatever floated her goddamn boat. Zach didn't really care, as long as they left. Sides, he wasn't going to leave her behind. She had a gun, and she didn't kill him out of the past few hours where she had a clear chance. So that meant that she was cool and shit. Simple math yeah? Meant he didn't have to worry about any crazies running around.

(Zach Jamis continued in Hmmmn)
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