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{{continued from Final Third Foul}}

Is there was something to describe how Maria felt at this moment, it would probably be this:

Posted Image

Note the sad blue background of depression, the broken vase of guilt, the annoying douchebag who just stole the last piece of cake of frustration. Also, that Phanto is probably up to no good as well.

Maria really wanted to stop feeling like this. Crack a few jokes, talk about some silly things and make this horrible feeling vanish into the ether, and then she could just forget about it for a while. But it was damn persistent, pressing down on her and keeping her from even making an attempt. So she went along with Duncan and Cass in silence, only speaking when spoken to, and only with a simple nod or a grunt in response.

As they continued, Maria saw a familiar collection of buildings, and realized that they were right back at the Residential District. Frustration began to well up inside her. How the hell were they going to find people trying to escape if they were just going to go around in circles!? But she was answered by a sudden blurring of her vision and a bit of wobbling, reminding her that it was getting late, and that she hadn't slept since yesterday.

"Uh...we should probably get some sleep once we get there."

"Huh? Oh, okay." Duncan said in response, looking at Maria with concern. After all, she looked awfully pale ever since they left the docks, and he was starting to worry that she might pass out.

As they caught up with the residential district the three of them headed to a nearby grocery store, sadly already stripped of anything useful. Sitting down near the frozen food aisle, the three of them dug out their rations and ate, Maria looking up at the shelves and at the price tags of various flavors of ice cream, taunting her.

"Hmm...Rocky Road..." Maria said suddenly

"Huh?" Duncan replied, looking up from his loaf of bread.

"I could really go for some Rocky Road right now."

Duncan stared at Maria with a confused look on his face, before his gaze moved over to the shelves and he saw what Maria was talking about.

"Oooh, right. I always preferred sherbet myself."

"Oh yeah, that rainbow stuff, right?"


The bout of conversation gave way to a long silence before Maria spoke up again.

"I wonder if the others at the rec center are okay."

"Others?" Duncan wracked his brain for a moment before he remembered that there was a bunch of people pouring out of the rec center before he came in and found Maria and Cass. "Oh yeah..." Remember it also reminded him of Trent and that timid girl, and he found himself wondering if the two of them were okay, too.

"I...other than Zach and Dustin, I don't know any of their names, so even if they came up on the announcements, I wouldn't even recognize them." Maria said, letting out a sigh.

The silence returned, and once the three of them finished their meals they decided to hit the sack, the three of them propped up against one of the glass doors, leaning against each other. Just before she drifted off to sleep, Maria found that she'd finally forgotten about her troubles for that moment, and as she nuzzled up against an already asleep Duncan and put an arm around Cass she wished that morning didn't have to come.



Maria woke up to a girl leaning in, inches away from her face and staring at her intently. She didn't say anything else, though. Just stared, as if she were expecting her to reply.


"Come on." The girl said, extending an arm to her. "I've got something I want to show you, and there isn't a lot of time."

Maria was understandably confused as she stared back at this girl, with shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes, dressed in a sky blue t-shirt with a picture of a crab on the front and blue jeans. There was something...off about her. Well, more than what was already apparent. After a moment's hesitation, she removed her arm from around Cass, careful not to disturb her and Duncan as she took the girl's hand and was helped to her feet.

"Hey, wait a minute..." She said, looking out towards the entrance. "It's still dark o-"

"Let's go." The girl cut her off and yanked on her arm as she walked out, pulling her along as the two of them walked out of the store and down the street, the moon out in full force and illuminating the street well enough to see clearly. Maria kept staring at the girl intently, trying to figure something out, and once she did, she came to a stop, feeling the yank on her arm as the girl was stopped as well, looking back at her with confusion and a look of annoyance on her face, and as she saw her face Maria knew for sure.

"This is a dream, isn't it?"

The girl's expression changed to surprise. "How did you know?"

"Your face...you're me, aren't you?" Maria answered, looking the girl up and down. "You look a lot like how I imagined I would now if I didn't start dressing like...well, this."

The girl nodded. "Yeah, that's right." And tried to keep walking, as if she were in a hurry.

"You know..." Maria said, keeping still and looking around at the scenery. "I don't think I've ever really been aware I was in a dream before." She said. "It...doesn't really seem like one I'd have though."

The other Maria looked back at Maria with an annoyed look on her face. "Alright, fine." With a snap of her fingers, Maria heard a battle cry in the distance. Turning around, she saw Robo-Bear 5000 and Nicolas Cage in The Wicker Man in a bear costume running down the street at each other, until they met in the middle and punched each other in the face at the same time. Then they exploded.

"There. You happy now?"

"Well, there's a lot more to them than that." Maria said as she watched the smoldering wreckage.

"Oh come on, just keep going already!" The other Maria huffed and yanked on Maria's arm until she was moving again, traveling just a bit farther until they turned the corner and saw...

"...Jimmy?" Maria was taken by surprise when she saw Jimmy Brennan right in the middle of the road, bound and gagged in a chair. The other Maria pulled her over until she was right in front of her, and Jimmy let out what was, knowing Jimmy, probably a series of profanities and general shit talk.

"Alright, let's get started." The other Maria said.

"W-wait, started with what? What is he doing here? What am I doing here?"

Suddenly, Maria felt something heavy in her hand, and as she looked she let out a gasp of surprise and dropped the gun like it was a grenade with the pin pulled. "W-what the hell!?"

The other Maria sighed. "Look, I went through all this effort to set this up, so will you hurry up and shoot him already?"

"W-wha...s-s-shoot him!??" Maria said, stepping away from the gun. "What the hell is wrong with you!? Why would I do that!?"

"Because he's a killer." The other Maria gave a shrug. "You saw him, didn't you? He beat the ever-loving shit out of Phil. He was gloating the whole time, so you know he wasn't panicking or anything. He was getting a huge kick out of it. Don't you think that kind of attitude should be punished? Why should someone like him get to win the game?"

"But..." The other Maria had a point. Jimmy Brennan was a cold-blooded killer. He didn't have the excuse of self-defense, or acting in a blind panic, or anything like that. He was hurling insults at Phil the whole time. He was loving it. Even though Phil had nearly killed her, seeing something like that made her so angry."


"...but I'm a killer, too." She said. "And Phil was a huge jerkface, but the person I killed was completely innocent. She didn't do anything, but I ended up killing her anyway. I don't have any right to pass judgment like that."

The other Maria let out another sigh of annoyance. "Then how about this? If you don't kill him, who's to say he won't come back and kill your friends?"

Maria froze.

"He got his first taste of blood, and he obviously loves it. Who's to say he won't end up coming back and killing them? And it's Jimmy Brennan, so you know he'll be talking shit and gloating about it the whole time."

Maria looked back at the other Maria, and then back at the gun, suddenly finding herself drawn towards it as she got the mental image of Cass, Duncan and Max on the ground, dead, with Jimmy standing over their bodies, gloating about how they didn't stand a chance, because he's Jimmy Fucking Brennan.

"And he's not the only one. There are other players too, and they'll be gunning for them as well. Are you just gonna stand back and let them get cut down just because you killed someone by accident so you don't deserve to do the same? Even if it's to protect them?"

It...it made sense. Maria reached down and picked up the gun. It wasn't a flare gun this time; it was the real deal. Some kind of automatic. She looked it over in her hand, and then back at Jimmy, who hurled another onslaught of muffled insults, and even when she couldn't understand them they were still annoying as all hell and JESUS CHRIST JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP JIMMY BRENNAN!

Maria aimed the gun at Jimmy, her aim wavering as the smell of barbecued pork came back to mind, and she began to feel nauseous again. She remembered the anguish she felt at Francine's death, and how it almost consumed her. Could she really go through all that again?

Maria closed her eyes, her hands shaking, and...


Maria woke up in a cold sweat to the sound of Danya speaking, and suddenly realized that she didn't give a shit who died yesterday, she REALLY didn't want to hear the announcements. She pulled away from Cass and a rather confused-looking Duncan and bolted out the door, ignoring Duncan's calls for her to come back. She walked briskly down the street, trying to think of something, anything to drown out Danya's voice. Finally she decided to just start blaring Number of the Beast in her head.

"Anyways, first to die was-"
I lived alone
my mind was blank
I needed time to think to get the memories from my mind

"Maxwell Lombardi termina-"
What did I see?
Could I believe?
That what I saw that night was real and not just fantasy

Maria continued like this for a while, before she suddenly tripped over the sidewalk, landing with a loud "Oof!" in front of a house where a certain boy was currently sitting.

"After a day of inactivity, Reiko Ishida re-"

"Shut up..." Maria growled. "Shut up shut up shut up SHUT UP I'M NOT GONNA PLAY YOUR STUPID GAME!"
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