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The faceless fear
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((ooc: Really sorry for holdng you two up. Holidays made me very busy.))

Meredith looked from one girl to another, wincing at Celeste’s swearing. The swearing didn’t hurt, but the fact that Celeste didn’t trust her did. Then again, she didn’t trust Celeste. Half her pay for half the work was fair enough to ask for, wasn’t it? If Celeste had given it to her, she would have followed her to the ends of the earth.

Celeste did not.

Perhaps she was not as good a person as Meredith thought she was. Perhaps the game was changing her. The beast was clever and twisted.

“I am glad that you have found your friend.” She said simply, “You will follow me. If you get lost, I will not look for you.”

Her fingers brushed the shiv once more, she tightened the muscles in her fingers, forcing them open and refusing to let them grasp the sharp knife. She pulled her hand back down to her notebook.

Celeste certainly needed more observation and Meredith didn't want to kill her, not even to purge the beast's corruption.
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