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(George Leidman continued from She Bopped)

George felt like shit, and looked about the same. Dirt caked his clothes and hair, his left sneaker had been left unlaced, and as for the man himself...

Gonna kill him. Gonna kill him...

By the look in George's eyes, one would draw the reasonable conclusion that he had been subjected to things unspeakable, but no, he had merely lost the love of his life. Schlepping along, barely acknowledging the buildings that he had cut between, George stumbled into the main street of the Residential Area with no clear destination in mind. He was merely walking, doing something to pass the time between the moment he woke up to the moment he died. Not helping matters was the fact that he had spent at least 18 hours without rest. That sort of thing would kill somebody.

Oh look, people. Who cares?

Indeed, George caught sight of a pair of folks soon after entering this area. This became a dull reminder in the back of his mind that he probably needed a weapon of some kind if he was gonna kill Sebastian. But that could wait. He wasn't in any hurry to bash people's brains out. Still, he found himself glancing around anyway. He saw a fence that could be used, maybe some piping on the side of a house, or perhaps use his herculean strength to kick a piece off a door if he had herculean strength, which he didn't, so why bother. Oh the possibilities.

In his furor to find something to kill people with, George realized that he was still walking towards the two folks, and he hadn't even said anything. But what was there to say? 'Hello? I think that you're a killer, so go away?' He wasn't trusting anybody anymore, no sir. Being friendly had done nothing for him. Instead, he simply gave them a withering glance and began shoulder bashing the door to a nearby house, not even acknowledging that it was probably unlocked. Taking a large step back, George charged the door and went stumbling on through, falling into the main area of a very small house.

Gotta find something to kill that guy. Gonna kill him, gonna make him pay.

A small wooden chair caught George's eye. The house didn't have much in the ways of weapons, but maybe he'd be able to find something else. For now, the chair would suffice. Using the chair as a support to pull himself back to his feet, George sat himself down and leaned back, looking around at the dusty house. He wanted to cry, but he wouldn't. Sebastian would want him to cry, to curl up in a ball and just starve himself to death, but George wouldn't, not until justice had been served.

I couldn't stop him. I couldn't...but I'll kill him. Sebastian's gonna pay.
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