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Gloria stumbled a bit, falling to her hands and knees as the announcement finally ended. Her palms got scraped a bit, but she didn't care, or even notice, for that matter. Her duffel sliding down her arm and hitting the ground beside her, Gloria stared at the ground, shoulders shaking as she wept. Nothing new for her, since coming to this place.

"N--N..no..." she sobbed, tears falling onto the lenses of her glasses and blurring her vision even worse. "N-No...c-can't be..."

"Hey, you two...why don't I help you with those?"


"A-Ah, fire! Simon, watch out!"

It hadn't even been her Simon's name announced in this one...it was another Simon entirely, different last name and everything. She'd never met that Simon.


But that name had snapped her back to the previous announcement, when she'd been too panicked, too worried she'd been on the Danger Zone part of the beach, to realize his name had been read--and not as a killer, but a victim. "S-S-Simon..." she sobbed again, hiccuping once. It wasn't fair...Simon could never hold in a fight, she thought, he shouldn't have even been here--if she'd come up with something better for them to do instead of a trip, maybe...

Remembering her companion, Gloria tried to rise up, back onto her knees. She left her bag where it lay, clumsily wiping her eyes under her glasses, streaking the tears across the glass. "I--I...s-sorry...I--I..." she hiccuped again. "B-But m--my...my b-best...best friend's..." She shook her head, not wanting to say it. "H-He..."

"Do you think everyone'll like the churros? Even if they are a bit burned?"

"H-He...D-Dad and he m-m-must...b-be making ch-churros together," she sniffled, a tiny smile appearing on her face through the tears. She knew it didn't make any sense, but she liked to think of it that way. "I...I s-sorry...Th-the lead--leader do-doesn't cry..." she whispered. "'m...l-leader...don't cry..." Finally turning to look at Michael, she bit at her lip in an attempt to stop the hiccups and sobs coming from her mouth. "Th--there...what...d-do...?" she tried to say, gesturing vaguely at the homes around them, hoping he got the message.
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