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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Well, this certainly was delicious! Brook could pratically taste the fear, the anguish, hell... he could even soak up all that anxiety and desperateness right through Leila's skin if he had a straw to jab in her. Then again, with all of those wonderful things, he'd drink up all the deceit, the lies, the whorishness that defined the girl struggling against his grasp.

Yes... this was the same girl who had decided to make a fool of him. She had turned him into a snivelling wreck for all of his friends to see, and he let her! So weak... he was so weak, allowing the viridian insides to overcome him. No more... he'd pull of that vile shit out of Leila and fucking kill her with it for what she had done to him. His face twisting into a scowl, Brook took a nice, seething breath before letting his company know exactly what was up.

"Bitch! You dirty, slutty bitch! You think I wouldn't hold it against you!? When you smeared your fucking... your DISGUSTING blood all over my face?" Brook screamed, the muscles of his face twitching at the cutaneous memory of being covered in Leila's blood. As he paused to take another shaking breath to try and hold it all in, he jerked his arm over Leila's gun arm, reaching to trap the offending limb under his armpit. Oh no, the bitch wasn't getting a shot off on him... not today, not tomorrow, not ever, because she was dying here. However, Leila had not jumped on the opportunity to answer his question, and so Brook screamed the reprisal.

"Well, Leila!? What was that about!?"

She couldn't answer him. Of course she couldn't answer him! There was no possible explanation for the atrocities she had commited, and for what? So she could just off Hilary? Whatever Brook's reaction was the first time he heard the announcement, he could hardly care to remember it now. Now, it just seemed like a poor trade. All that effort to remove somebody from this world, when Leila herself would return to it as a lovely offering for Tiffany. Feeling just so merry at the thought, Brook obviously had no chioce but to tighten the vice on her gun arm, keeping the elbow nice and locked.

"Woah, shit, I- AH! Brook, stop it, you're hurting me!"

Music to his ears, really. Ah, yes, of course her arm would be in a decent amount of pain the way he was wrenching on it, not to mention how his other arm practically buried her shoulder into the bark of the tree behind her.

Eastern White pine, pinus strobus. Terribly common in temperate climate zones, noted for its burnability and ring-based branch growth.

His face lifted in an air of appreciative delight to match Leila's strife. Each instinctual movement to free herself, the denial of her fate even likely to the very end, god damn it... this was GREAT! He brought his eyes out of the clouds to look at Leila. Well, he aimed a little low at first, catching a nice glimpse of her chest which, as luck would have it, became quite animated amidst her heavy breathing and wriggling. His eyes came back up to find hers, soon enough. "Awwww... I'm sorry, Leila! Hee hee... I guess I'm just playing a little rough!"

To make things a little fairer, he decided to instill truth in his statement. He said he was being rough, but his arm didn't really feel like it was being all that rough. To compensate, he wrenched even harder, and the pain that shot through the girl nearly made Brook want to pull all the blood out of her right then and there. But no... he had to keep a grip on himself. This was Leila. Leila fucking Langford, and she had done terrible, terrible and naughty things. As far as Brook was concerned, naughty girls got punished. He locked Leila into the stare once more. He needed to see this... to be there, in her head, when he played with her.

"Hee hee... got your aaaaaaaaaaaaarm..."

There was no mistaking it. That rush he felt running through his body, making him feel alive for the first time in four days. That was the gift granted to him directly from Leila's soul, offering to him the terror that she had so graciously given to him beforehand. "Wh-what, Brook, please, just stop-"

More force.

"Ahahaha! Stop! AHH! Let go of me!"
Just a bit more.... yes, she was nearly ready!!

"You little fucker, let GO!"

Now! Now she was going to pay for all of it! Tiffany was watching... she had to be, granting all of her hope and love to Brook, just like she would have if she were awake! Brook laughed out in manic joy, then took his hand off of Leila's shoulder. He swept it down, around, and then drove it up for her elbow as hard as he could. "WHOOPSIE-DAISY!" he screeched, listening for the result.

A gardener couldn't possibly be more pleased with the sound of cracking bone.
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