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((All GM-ing between Leila and Brook in this post and the ones thereafter is fully approved by myself and Ricky.))


Suddenly, a voice. A fucking crazy sounding one. Gasping back her tears, she snapped out of her pity-party and shakily regained her self-control. Whoever had found her was a lucky guy, 'cause the state she was in had left her in the worst position possible if they were looking for a fight. Her eyes were still damp and her throat hurt like hell, while her body shook with convulsing breaths as she tried her best to calm down. Wiping away the very last of her make-up, she turned around in the dark to try and make out who it was behind her. Her gun held tightly in her hand, she raised it up ever so slightly, so as to ward off the potential attacker.

With squinted eyes that were straining to see through the cover of the night, she just about saw the outlines of a face lurking beneath the branches of the same tree she stood against. Whoever it was sounded familiar, but they'd entered her castle without an invitation.

She gasped.


Had he been watching her cry this entire time? Using her free hand, she rubbed frantically at her eyes to clear them of any evidence. There was no way she could afford to look weak now; not in front of this little fucker.

"What're you-"

Her mind fogged - she wasn't ready for a confrontation.

"What do you want?" Her question leaking with disdain, but not enough to cover up the growing concern.

Brook grinned playfully, his face twisting into what appeared to be a bizarre look of glee. What was he so fucking happy about? She might have been crying, but she was still Leila Langford - and nobody fucks with Leila, especially when she's got your gun.

"Awww, did I catch ya at a bad time? I just... I couldn't leave a pretty girl like you crying in the middle of the woods, could I? That'd make me a bad person!"

He chuckled.

Leila's trigger-finger twitched.

Something wasn't right. The Brook she spent the day travelling with before was a far cry from whatever this was becoming. That Brook was timid, shy; everything she used to like about guys, but this one... he was weird. Like somebody had knocked his brain off balance, or flipped on his crazy switch.

Either way, Leila was growing more and more wary of him, and it was showing.

"R-right. Whatever."

No cutting remarks? Just that small little line? Okay, yeah, she admitted it now, he was freaking her out. What was wrong with him though? Why was he just... staring?

"Hnh, just like you to say something like that..."

His voice trailed off, but his body grew closer. Leila raised her gun higher as he contemplated something - was he gonna back off? -and she felt her arms start to tremble. It wasn't like she was scared or anything, 'cause she had the gun, right? Sure, he was going fucking psycho, but still - gun.

He looked up at her again, this time with thoughtful eyes, like he'd just had an idea. It didn't seem like a good one, either.

"Oooh, right, you borrowed something from me!"

Oh... fuck.

"Hee... Leila, did you... really think I would have forgotten?"

He pointed at the gun. Her gun. No, his gun. The one she stole from him. Fuck, now it was all making sense. That stupid little spit-stain must've been following her or something. And for what? This gun? There were loads of better ones out there - she'd seen a few herself. So what was his fucking problem? Why did he need this one?

"Ugh, what? This little piece of shit?"

Her voice didn't waver that time, not anymore, and she aimed it up to the level of his head. From where she was standing, she had a perfect shot at the centre of his forehead, right above the top of his nose.

"This right here?"

She dared a little grin as she gained the upper hand. This was better. Much more like it. She was in control now, and he - he was still fucking smiling. In fact, he was staring right down the barrel of the gun with nothing more than a satisfied look on his face.

"Hey, yeah, that's it!"

The trigger squeaked, but she was too slow. All too quickly he'd pinned her up against the tree, bashing her head off the trunk as she cried out in shock. As he moved, he smacked her arm against it too, and the gun which had served her so well leapt out of her hands and hit the earth below, leaving her completely at the boy's mercy.

"Ah! Fuck!! Brook?! What're you doing?!"
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