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Ash looked at the departing figure, amazed that her plan had managed to distract him. She leaned against a tree. This was the best result for her. She couldn't get careless after this, though. The 'game' was still on, and there were still too many actively 'playing' students around.

She clutched the bags close to her chest. The contents were her property now. Hopefully, the supplies inside would let her go a day or two without having to go on another raid. She didn't want to risk her life any more than it was necessary,

Now I need a safe place to hide.

She carefully got up and sneaked off, dragging the bags as she did. Sooner or later, she would have to discard them. Deadweight was something she didn't need.

((Ash Morrison continued in Darken Your Clothes and Strike a Violent Pose))
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