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Nick swallowed breathlessly, eyes darting back and forth between the various players. The warmth of the girl, her slender wrist in his large, clumsy hand, was there one second and gone the next. The girl had snapped out of the momentary calm caused by the gun shots fractions of a second faster than he had and lunged for his fallen weapon.

"-you murderous whore"

An arrow cut straight past them, missed Janet by a hair and stuck into the ground. Nick stood up as fast as his cumbersome frame would allow and this time it was him with the luck as his own weapon flew just past his shoulder. Jay had run off, leaving Janet behind and it seemed that Janet wasn't keen on staying with them on her own.

Nick watched as they disappeared. He breathed deeply; he could feel how jittery the adrenaline had made him now. Calm as he could, he walked to the booth and picked the hunga munga up.

"Yeah. Let's go," he said in response to Gracie.

"There's nothing here for us now."

((Nick LeMonde continued in Pretty Handsome Awkward ))
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