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Courtney assumed Reiko'd take her offer of help well. Reiko responded in an ...unexpected manner, to say the least.

She raised a gun at her. Well, that was warning sign one and two, right there. The fact that she had a gun and was pointing it. Courtney got the distinct feeling she'd used it, too. Hey now, no need for those assumptions, Reiko was a bitch but she wasn't a- The announcement crackled. A long, awkward period followed as the names rolling by, Reiko's coming up twice.

Oh. Well then.

At this point alarm bells were ringing in Courtney's head. Telling her to run, get out of there before Reiko put a bullet hole in her head, but Courtney ignored them for the moment. It was fine, she could handle this. For once, Courtney was confident. She was convinced she had a shot here, that she could solve this without running, or without them getting violent. Gun or not, Courtney felt that she had control here.

"Oh, good, you found them then." Courtney said, as Reiko inched away, keeping her gun trained on Courtney as she went to pick up her glasses. If she had done that a few hours ago, Courtney would have screamed, freaked out then and there. Not now. Now she was calm, despite the gun. Shades of her optimism were beginning to shine through, like... something. She'd forgotten where she was going with that trail of thought.

"Hey, calm down, Reiko." Courtney avoided raising her hands or anything. Didn't want to test how strict Reiko was with the whole "don't move" rule. "I saw you splashing around in here, and figured you'd managed to lose something. Came in, figured I could help you find them. I was just trying to help."
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