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((Sorry about the late post - review is a bitch))

Needless to say, everyone was pretty shocked at the announcement, why exactly he couldn't pick out, but it was most likely either because someone had screwed with the collars, which meant that another collar could be tampered with, the fact that Danya was now detonating collars, and nobody wanted to die by collar, or because of the threat now placed on Liz Polanski's life. Then, everybody started to leave. First the redhead, then the short girl.

It was at this time that Alan spoke up about finding Liz Polanski, and Violet agreed.

"Yeah," in response to Alan's question. "She's the only one with both the know-how and the guts to screw over the game, plus, there's probably a bunch of other people looking for her for the same reason. If she's really destroying cameras, then maybe we can all meet up and rise up against Danya - either go home or at least die on our own terms." At least that's what he would have said if Mike hadn't mouthed something to them.

"I got this." As a result, Jimmy was able to very clearly and confidently say "Yeah, she's - " before clamming up. It was something about how he mouthed it that suggested that maybe Jimmy and Alan should shut up. They talked for a bit before Violet offhandedly saluted them. Jimmy rolled his eyes.

"Forget it," he whispered to Alan. "I don't think we stand a chance of them joining us. Let's just find someone else."
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