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Tabi lay motionless as she listened to Imraan. Her chest rising up and down as she did so. Her eyes stared up at the giant, lips pursed tightly as he paused.

He was letting them live. He was letting Ivan live.

It wasn't until the GODspeed member had left her vision that she moved. A rush of breath bloomed out of her mouth and she closed her eyes. They were alive. The weight of those three words almost caused her to laugh. She had done it. She had saved Ivan's life. In fact, she had saved both of their lives! It was almost too much for her to accept.

But here they were now...

"... We have a long day ahead. What do you say... about getting out of here?"

Tabi opened her eyes and stared up at Ivan. He did not look well, but then again, she probably didn't look well at all herself. She flashed him a small smile and nodded.

"Sure thing Ivan"

Tabi got onto her feet and whiped the blood on her lips. She grabbed her bag and followed Ivan, the smile still on her face.

((Tabitha "Tabi" Gweneth continued in Meet Again))
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