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God was telling you "not yet".
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Nothing to lose...

That wasn't true.

Not for Violet.

She had plenty to lose, and the fact that he thought otherwise made her realize just how little they really knew about each other. The two of them hadn't even spoken before the trip, and she'd only seen him around school a couple of times - just another face in a sea of a thousand. But having him around these past few days... it was a comfort nonetheless. Did he really mean it though? Was he prepared to die for a chance to go home? What would they have to do in order to leave? Who would they have to fight? Their classmates? Their friends? Maybe it was that simple for Mike, but not for her. She had a home to go back to; she had friends that needed saving; she had all her life to live, and she wasn't about to let this girl slip through her fingers without a few words.

Her blowtorch shimmered in the sun - metallic blue and sleek, like one of the cars in her Dad's workshop. It was all well and good asking whether or not someone else could do this, but the real question was: could she? Honestly? Gearing herself up and mapping it out in her head was one thing, but to drag someone else along into her half-baked dreams... that was just selfish. He needed to find someone else; someone better. Someone who could help him survive, or at the very least knew what they were doing. Turning to face him, she tried her best to dissuade him, but it was no use. As soon as she saw that determined look in his eye, and he asked her what the new plan was, her doubts ebbed away and her director's soul began to glow once more.

With her heartbeat pounding against her chest, she swallowed her nerves and readied a steely composure - one that she hoped her partner would believe in, if this suicide mission was going to work - then turned to the two boys remaining. A quick headcount later made her notice that Maddy has vanished again, but she had a sure feeling that the girl would be okay, for now at least. She had a very nice gun, after all.

As for the others, she had to admit she saw them as a hindrance. They seemed to have the same goals in mind, but she couldn't trust them. Not this far into the game. From here on out it'd be Mike and Violet all the way, until she found Trent and the others (God I hope they're okay) and had everything she needed from a certain Miss Polanski.

Hitching her daypack up on her shoulders, along with her duffel bag and Trent's, she strained a little under the weight before giving them all a thumbs-up to show that she was fine.

"The plan, right."

Saluting Jimmy and Alan together, she then flicked a bothersome hair out of her eyes and started to walk the other way.

"The plan, Mike, is this:"

Raising her arm far out ahead, she pointed out at the hills in the distance.

"Me and you are gonna find that girl."
Hello again.
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