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Reiko's immediate reaction to hearing an unexpected voice was to pull the gun from her pants and point it at the source of the voice. Her finger came off the trigger the moment she saw who it was. She kept the weapon pointed at her though. She wasn't exactly what you would call friendly with Courtney, but they got along well enough. They shared a class or two. She was a nice girl. Lucky for her she found Reiko now, and not back when she would have shot first.

She was offering to help Reiko. Why? Didn't she know she was a killer? The speakers crackled, and Reiko knew that she would be on them again. She didn't say anything throughout the announcement, just standing, holding the gun in both hands, pointed at Courtney. Her name came and went, detailing her latest victims. Her last victims. She hoped.

"Don't move!" Reiko said, somewhat pointlessly. Of course she's not going to move, she has a killer pointing a gun at her. In her time wading around in the water looking for her glasses, the tide had begun to move out, until the smaller girl was only up to her ankles. The morning sun glinted off something as it rose, which caught her eye. Her glasses! Suddenly she was thankful that her mom had paid the extra money for the impact resistant ones. They appeared to still be in good shape.

Returning her gaze to the red headed girl, Reiko began to inch her way to her glasses. She didn't know why she insisted on keeping her at gunpoint. A precaution perhaps. She didn't want to get caught by surprise. Upon reaching her glasses, Reiko dropped down for a brief second to grab them, positioning them back on her nose. The frames dripped with salty water, and the lenses were a bit foggy, but she could see well enough.

"What do you want?" Reiko said once the glasses were on her face. Of course she wanted something. Everyone wants something on this island. Still, her answer would be an interesting one to say the least.
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