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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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"Death? Oh, you mean Joe! Or at least I think he's in Joe's form...I don't know... where he went...""

Well at least this Cisco person wasn't completely mad; at least, that's what Josée hoped. Dealing with Remy was one thing, but at least he was sane enough to listen to her when she ordered him. Speaking of which where was he? He could have sworn that he had gone off to look for the bags. Which direction did he go? Josée wasn't really paying attention. Josée began to get worried, it was just like Remy to get himself wound up in some dangerous situation. He had already flipped out once, what was stopping him from doing it again. She would have to go after him. But she didn't know which way he had gone.

"Come on Cisco, let's go find the nut. He couldn't have gone far." Josée smiled at him as she got to her feet, holding out her hand once again to help him up. Then, without admitting to Cisco that she was taking a complete guess as to where Remy had got to, began to walk onwards in the complete opposite direction to the direction that Remy had taken.

((Josée Trembley continued in The Moment of Truth.))
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