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Easily the rudest awakening Jackie'd ever gotten. She blinked, noticing the first hints of sunrise that assaulted the receding night sky, leaving new colors and poor visibility. Who the hell was over there, anyway? Jackie knew it was a female from the shout, but that was all she could make out for now. Well, except that other figure. This one was much more obviously female... but Jackie did not feel like dealing with people at the moment. It was whatever though. She wasn't bothering anyone. She'd just pretend she was asleep and no one would care. If they did, it would probably just be another harmless girl like Allie, or potentially those two in the water. Everything would be perfectly f-

A crackle.

Shit. No, wait. What did Danya say on that first day? He'd only announce the killer's name if he liked them or whatever right? It was ok. Jackie wasn't well-liked. All they would know was that Lily MacLaughlin tragically passed aw-

"Speaking of, Lily MacLaughlin nearly lost her head when she encountered Jackie Myrie, but Ms. Myrie lacked the follow through to actually sever the thing."

Fuck. You. Damn it. Well, that was official. Jackie Myrie was a killer and everyone knew it, not just Allie and that stupid Anneliese Hansen. And he'd had the nerve to mock her technique. Fuck. His. Shit. God, what an asshole. On the bright side, at least now Jackie had her rage to keep her awake until those girls left her alone. If they didn't recognize her, anyway. Shit.

Jackie continued to listen. It was for lack of anything better to do, really. She hated listening to all of these names, but at the same time it felt necessary. It was like she was waiting for something. She thought she heard her name again, which was puzzling, but then it ended up being another Jackie. A dead one. Another Lily had come up too. Was everyone on the announcements going to get a name partner or something?

Then Raidon Naoko went ahead and shot Alison Walworth and Madison Stone in rapid succession. I must say, Mr. Raidon sure knows how to bring some of that drama back to shootings.

The news hit Jackie hard. It didn't make her sad, or happy, or more angry... it just hit hard. Alison Walworth... that was the same Allie, alright. The first person she'd met on the island. Her first companion here. She was always so painfully polite, even as she was leaving Jackie. She wouldn't have hurt a fly, even if it was moving in for blood. That was why she'd gotten herself killed. If nothing else, Jackie knew one thing about Allie's death- she would never allow herself to be that weak.

More deaths, more killings. Liz Polanski. God, fuck that bitch. Getting everyone killed just so she could make some retarded statement. Jackie hoped someone would get that bounty soo- wait. Jackie could get that bounty. She could walk right up, stab her in the neck (without severing, just to spite the stupid asshole behind the microphone), and nab the greatest gun on the island. It was the sickest daydream Jacqueline Myrie had ever had, and she loved it. But for the moment, that was all it was- a daydream. She might go after Liz later, but if she moved right now she risked discovery. That would be bad. Were those girls gone yet, for that matter?

She looked back to the beach. Nope. Still there. Christ. It was a little lighter now, and easier to distinguish faces- wait. The first girl- the profane one- "Fuck!" Jackie muttered her own curse at the revelation. She was staring at Reiko Ishida, one of the asian twins. She couldn't remember specifics, but Jackie knew she'd heard that name a lot over the past few days- and if she was standing alive in front of her, that narrowed down the reasons quite effectively. Hiding was futile- Jackie had a top-notch killer right here in front of her. Instinctively, she reached into the bag for her knife. It was going to come in handy again soon.
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