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It wasn't doing any good. There was chaos all around him and a bullet wasn't going to dissipate it any time soon. Hell, it had done more harm then good, now that Jay considered things. Waving his arms like a crazy person, Jay tried his best to grab the attention of those in the vicinity. He cast a worried glance over his shoulder towards Janet who was scrapping with Nick on the ground. The girl was smart, capable, far more capable then he could ever be. That didn't mean she wasn't in over her head though. And if she was in over her head, that definitely meant Jay was absolutely fucked.

This was a bad idea. This was a fucking TERRIBLE idea.

Standing in the middle of the fair ground, Jay looked around at the sound of running feet. The girl with the gun, the one who had yelled before, took off towards the exit. Another girl had arrived nearby Teo, Gracie Wainright. Jay didn't know why the girl was there, but he didn't really care. She wasn't firing a gun or making crazy noises, so she certainly wasn't his problem. Teo on the other hand?

Teo was definitely his problem.

Snarling a curse, Teo raised his freshly loaded crossbow, pointing towards the downed and fighting Nick and Janet. The other boy wasn't listening. And why should he? He had murder in his eyes, and in absolute honestly it terrified Jay more then anything. Feeling another bout of shakes running up his spine, Jay shimmied his way over trying to block Janet from Teo's line of site. If anything, he could deflect it, block it-

Jay what the fuck are you thinking it's aFUCKINGCROSSBOWOHFUC-

The arrow whizzed past Jay's head, inches from his face. Jay let out a scream, toppling backwards onto the hard pavement. His heart was pounding. It had all happened so fast, it was almost unbelievable. What had he been thinking? Had he been thinking at all?

Just because you fired a gun doesn't make you fucking invincible!

Jay opened his mouth, words dying in his throat. The world was spinning suddenly, moving unbearably slow. Jay slid backwards on the pavement, away from it all, away from Teo, away from Janet and Nick. It was all too much. The bodies, the death, all of it. Jay Holland was not built for this sort of treatment. Jay Holland was built for easy living, sprawling out on an uncomfortable couch, watching TV, eating chips, tunes blasting from his radio. It was do or die, down to the wire. The way things were going, it was going to be Teo or him, one or the other laying dead on the cold pavement, just like the others... And Jay knew without a doubt where he'd be.


Jay bolted. Behind him he heard further shouts, and guilt almost encompassed him. Janet was back there, Janet who he had left to fend for herself. Janet, his friend, his... more then friend?

She'd understand! Fuckin' crap, she'd do the same! I can't take this! Gotta go, gotta- gotta-

The reason didn't matter. The game had changed everything. Jay ran through the gates of the fun fair as fast as he'd ever run in his entire life. With a crash the stoner disappeared into the forest, only slowing to pick up a lost Adidas shoe snagged in a bush.

((Jay Holland continues in "Grace" Under Pressure))
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