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Ooh, well, this isn't pretty at all, is it?

Vivien couldn't even think in good conscious that things had 'gone to hell'. Things had 'gone to hell' the moment Fatty John had arrived on the scene. But now the boy had taken a lead pipe to the arm- not a confrontation his arm had won, judging by the sound- and now Miss Claymont had apparently taken it upon herself to go screaming and clawing like a banshee at the boy.

He'd dropped his gun. That was good, at least.

Vivien considered that a moment. His gun was on the ground. The boy was incapacitated and the two girls were half-crazed in their inexplicable rage states. That gun was being ignored. Oh so deliciously ignored...

But that lasted only a moment. Vivien shook his pretty little head, only to himself- No, no, no, that is all kinds of idiotic. The thing's huge, first of all...it's most likely not loaded. And I'd have to step a tad closer to this little brawl than I'd like to get my hands on it...sigh. It's a pretty thing, too. Oh well. Hopefully one of them breaks it by mistake.

Besides, I'm armed already.

His hand momentarily found his own gun, so much smaller than the other boy's and yet full of so much more potential. He wrapped his hand around the grip for a moment. Then let it go.

Then again.

No. Pointless. Stupid. Let the children fight it out and find out who's left alive in the morning. Kill one of them right now and whoever's not dead will be after me in a heartbeat...

I could probably take them all, but why bother? I'd rather not get this dress dirty. Even if the bloodstains wouldn't show.

Vivien released the grip on the gun and, hardly sparing another look at the battling trio, scampered away, cursing his lack of shoes.

The terrain was unforgiving on dainty feet.

[[Vivien Morin continued in Pretty Handsome Awkward]]
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