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Luckily, Rena decided to step up to the plate and began to try and comfort Garry. Sunil, still clueless on how to respond or what he could do to help, just stayed where he was, not wishing to interfere, biting his nails subconsciously. Sunil just stood still, while the two talked, only piping up when Garry admitted he didn't know his name. "Sunil, it's Sunil." He wasn't sure if they'd heard him, but no matter.

Once the two had stopped their conversation, Sunil still had no idea what to say. He didn't know how to comfort Garry over the loss of his friends, and he didn't want to suggest they move away from the body or something else in case he came off as blunt or uncaring. Recovering from Danya's announcements was a lot harder now he was seeing first-hand the torment it was causing to the friends of some of those killed. Before he was just content with mourning for a few seconds, shrugging his shoulders to clear his mind of any depressing thoughts and then getting on with whatever crap he was doing.

It hadn't been ideal, and Sunil knew that it was harsh and cold-hearted, but it was better than this awkward situation.

He'd been unable to comfort neither Rena nor Garry. He'd never felt so pathetic, so useless in his entire life.

So instead, he just distracted himself by staring solemnly at the wet blood trickling out of Jake's head, onto the grass and the cinderblock, trying not to think that the body had once been home to a boy with thoughts, dreams and aspirations, and now was just an impotent vegetable.
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