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((Skippity skip for the reasons mentioned by others))

Rob was used to the situation on the court changing from one minute to another, but even he wasn't prepared for all of the things that happened seconds after he finished delivering his speech.

It all started quite as he expected, when the girl he spoke to decided to calm down the situation, but immediately after that, the nerdy guy turned out to be the first one ever to actually pay enough attention to the announcement, and remember Rob's past deed back in day 1. But as Rob expected him to just retort, he suddenly spoked to someone completely else, and started deducing a trap for some reason.

Rob turned his head toward the second person the nerd talked about, and it turned out to be the biggest mistake he had made on the island so far. As he stared at the at the newcomer - the brown haired girl, he heard two loud bangs, and before he could react in any way, two sudden impacts in his chest made him fall down to the ground on his back.

Unable to breath for a few seconds, Rob opened his mouth like a frog a few times to catch some air, and started hitting himself in the chest frantically to make his body work properly again.

Finally, after a few excruciatingly painful moments, the redhead regained the control of his lungs, and a loud wheezing sound escaped his mouth. Basketball player started inhaling the fresh air greedily before going into sitting position. Obviously, the first thing he looked at was his own chest. His Minnesota Timberwolves shirt was now sporting two fashionable holes, revealing the kevlar vest underneath, which apparently just saved his life. Then, he looked in the distance to see the nerd cowardly escaping, and several other people following them. Without thinking too much, Rob stood up, took all his things, and went after them.

"Oh no... You won't have it your way, you fuckh- *COUGH COUGH*"

Needless to say, Rob was still far away from full recovery. But it didn't matter. He will find this guy no matter what, even if he'll have to go to hell and back to do so.

This guy is so dead...

((Rob Jenkins continued in You Don't Have to Do This))
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