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Thea began rummaging through James’ pack, trying to decide what she should take with her and what should be left. She briefly wondered just who it was that had dropped off James’ stuff. Had they been with James at the end? She sniffled again and paused to wipe tears from her eyes again. She’d just begun taking out the supplies he had left, making a face over the amount of carbs they’d been given to live on.

She glanced up when she heard Alex speak. Well look who decided to join the party? All done having us drag you around?
“We need to talk,” Alex said standing over her.

“Oh, really and what do we need to talk about,” Thea said not bothering to keep the bitterness from her voice. She continued to sort through the bag only just glancing over at him. She noticed that Jason had edged over to Evie and was rambling about his insanity from last night. She rolled her eyes.
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Kaliska Day
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Thea Kairos - G067 - deceased
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