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Suddenly, Aaron spoke up again.

He said that Rob was a known murderer according to the announcements, and that she shouldn't even bother. Oh shit, really? They were not only dealing with some angry athletic guy with a gun, but an angry athletic guy who had killed. That was far from good news. Seriously, how did Aileen miss the name "Rob Jenkins" on the announcements? She had been listening to them and attempting to keep track of who was killed and who were the ones killing! How did she not make that connection? It should have clicked with her!

And to make matters worse, there was someone else there. Aileen turned to head to see a girl. She looked vaguely familiar. Was she in one of her classes? Actually, it seemed like she had seen her for two seconds or something at one point. Something starting with "J". She remembered something about pens, as well. God, her memory was foggy.

But, judging by Aaron's reaction, she was also bad news. He seemed to think that this "Jacquard" person was working with Rob, and that they were trying to pick them off one by one. And suddenly, it hit her; what if they had already gotten Richard? What if they did? Those fuckheads! If they killed Richard she was going to rip their heads off! It would have been cruel of them to just kill someone like him without remorse! He probably did nothing to them! They had no reason to gang up on him, and... and...

Aileen's facial expression contorted even more as Aaron continued to talk, saying that they lost their chance and he could have helped him.

And suddenly, gunshots.

Aileen simply stood in shock as she heard the cracking noises and Aaron began running away. What just happened? Oh god, what just happened? Someone fired their weapon, who was it? Aileen looked around, seeing that the Jacquard girl was running after Aaron.

Wait, was Aaron the one who fired the weapon?

God damn it! He was acting even more impulsive than her right now! And being quite the coward, to boot. Sure, running away was really the best thing he could have done, but in all honesty. Did he really just fire his weapon at them?

In which case, should she follow him?

On one hand, Aaron just attacked someone. On the other...

"AARON, GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!" she yelled, quickly grabbing her things and moving as fast as she could even with all the factors making her slower.

Aileen.... was, of course, being Aileen.

She better follow him. He might do something dumb and impulsive again, and god knows what else next time. And god knows she didn't want that to happen, at all. Fuck, they had already had Tom killed off, and a bunch of their group run off. The last thing they needed was for him to do something that could get him or others killed. Sure, he was most likely scared. But this was straight out of nowhere!

And plus, she didn't want this Jacquard person to stab his ass or something.

So Aileen ran.

((Aileen Borden continued elsewhere))

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