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"I'm going, Mike. I'll get it if you don't wanna come, but I need to find her. Just to talk. That's all."

What? No. She couldn't just leave him here. Besides, who was she- wait. Liz. She wanted to find Liz Polanski.

One of the two guys started to say something, about helping out or something. If nothing else, Mike had learned one thing from the past few days- regardless of these guys' intentions, Violet was not going to respond well. He turned around and put a finger to his lips. "I got this," he mouthed.

"Violet-" He needed to say something. Not something stupid, he needed to be confident and self-assured and stuff. But he had to get her attention before she went. Before he knew it, he'd grabbed Violet's wrist- probably not a good idea in hindsight.

"Sorry." He let go- she'd stopped, but she didn't turn around. "Look, Violet- we've never been like, best of friends or anything. In fact, if we hadn't just been thrown together at the beginning I wouldn't have given you a second thought. But-" Still here. That's good.

"Well, you're kind of all I have here. I guess what I'm saying is, I want us to stick together. I know we're not supposed to be doing that or whatever because both of us aren't supposed to survive, but fuck that. You're the only friend I have here, and I don't want to die without that."

Dude, what. He sounded like the token female character in a cartoon. Time to wrap up.

"Anyway, if this Liz has actually found an answer, I'm willing to look with you. It's... it's not like we have anything to lose here."

Mike looked around. Courtney was gone, Jessica was gone... so much for the badass standoff. And Maddy... she was gone again. All that was left were these two guys, who were still awkwardly standing there mumbling about the "friendliest group" or whatever. It was definitely time to leave.

"Well, ready when you are. What's the plan, Vi?"
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