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A steady arm held the weapon the best it could, only supported by a shot of faith and the adrenaline running through it. Imraan may have left, but the words that he spoke had left their mark with Ivan. For this moment, at least, this morning, death had been avoided. Unfortunately, though, the tall boy's decree had struck harder than any bullet ever could. His arm trembled as it ran out of the last of its burst of energy, until it finally fell to his side.

"Don't let me hear you on those announcements again. I'll come back. I promise that."

His crime had still not been cleared from his conscience. Others also knew of his deeds... it had been a few days and there were plenty of other killings, but it was now clear that the terrible spilling of blood committed on the mountain that day was not forgotten in the minds of others. Ivan was now branded, and those who knew and loved Keith, or maybe just felt truly vigilant, would not let him rest. He had not been forgiven.

But somebody had forgiven him. Maybe she had not absolved him of his sins, but Tabi's words washed over Imraan's and kept them from eating away at his mind. He was branded all the same, but her faith in him was so strong... not to mention surprising. She meant what she said. There was no time to doubt it, not that Ivan would. She stuck her neck out like that, faced off against a man who was a head taller than the both of them, and could have blown them away. Ivan looked at his own killing tool, the instrument that bluffed them both to safety, thanks to Tabi's stalwart defense.

He hadn't even taken the safety off.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Ivan took a ragged breath and looked to Tabi.

"... We have a long day ahead. What do you say... about getting out of here?"

((Ivan Kuznetsov, continued in Meet Again))
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