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Maddy had to admit that being ignored was preferable to drawing too much attention, but having her supposed best friend ignore her was a bit of a sharp stab to her diminutive ego. But rather than dwell on it, she simply focused on what her friend was suggesting. That...wasn't too good either. Rather than taking the natural route and hunting down Liz before she could hurt more people, Violet was suggesting that the group find her and save her FROM the people who would hunt her down. To Maddy, this was tremendously stupid, and she was about to say so, but the words died in her throat.

If I tell her that I'm hunting Liz down, will she still be my friend? Will I have to kill her too?

Rather than relate the news, Maddy opted instead to sneak away while Violet was asking for Mike's opinion on the matter. Stealthiness was something that the little artist did well, and she was very good at making herself scarce. And so, she fled, hoping to find Liz before Violet did, and deal with her in the only way that made sense.

I've got this gun for a reason. If I take Liz down, no more people will die because of her.

Yes, but they will still die. Whatever you do will just be buying them time. In fact, if you weren't a potential victim of her antics, it might be in your best interests to let her keep on with it. Thin out the competition a little, hmm?

Maddy once again had to shake her head to clear it. The thought of actually competing in this sick game made her stomach drop, and she had to renew her vows to not be a killer.

I'm not going to play. I'm NOT! I just...I just need to kill Liz. I don't want to. It just has to be done.

(Madeleine Smith continued elsewhere)
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