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"God dammit, WHY?!" Garry bellowed, breaking down in front of Sunil and Rena. Someone up there appeared to have it in for the werewolf-fan. His friends, allies and aquaintences were all dropping like flies through one way or another. Garry sniffed, clearing his nose of mucus that was starting to clog up his nostrils. He was crying again. He never cried this much back home, not even when he badly sprained his wrist a few years back while ice skating with his siblings.

The anger, the urge to scream his lungs out slowly subsided, replaced by sadness along with a burning sensation at the back of his throat. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see Rena standing before him, asking if he was alright.

"Yeah... yeah, I'll be fine... I think. I'm-I'm sorry," Garry hoarsely apologised, wiping his eye with the back of his hand, careful to avoid the head-wound. "Alex and Trent... I-I knew them, they were on my team, they-they were good people." Whether Alex really was as good as Garry said was up for debate though, since he had apparently killed two people earlier on. "It's just... that bastard."

He sniffed again, wondering just how much snot his body was capable of producing. "I'm Garry, and this is..." Garry trailed off as it occured to him that he never found out the Indian boy's name. And he never knew the name of his attacker either. 'Jack, Jacob? His last name was a colour, wasn't it? Red?' He struggled to put the pieces together in his mind, coming up with nothing useful. "I don't know his name, sorry," he said, turning to Sunil.

He glanced down at Jake, who looked peaceful like he was only taking a nap. "He... he tried to kill the other guy. I came along and he tried to take me out. I pushed him away and he fell on the brick." His eyes wandered to the cinderblock resting under Jake's head, the surface glistening with his still-wet blood. "I-I don't think he's going to wake up again..."

Garry didn't want to be around with Jake's body. He wanted to just leap up and run away from it, but he lacked the energy to do anything. His legs felt like they'd been reduced to jelly and were trembling slightly. He feared that if he tried to stand up, his legs would just give out on him and he'd just crumple to the ground again.
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